Let's stand up and paddle | Euroglass
  • There we were on a smoldering Thursday morning with sweat beads sliding down our backs searching for shade when the idea hit us.

    An idea so preposterous if gave us the creepy crawlies thinking about the repercussions it could have on our social network.

    What if on this next to flat day we actually tried to stand up and paddle? So we acted recklessly on this thought and took control. We made our way over the dunes inconspicuously not wanting to been seen by friends or neighbours (I left my hat and glasses on for disguise).
  • We felt the scorn and fear from the other water enthusiasts as they let their eyes wander over our stunning and colorful crafts.
  • Then an amazing thing happened at the water’s edge as we looked out on the clean clear blue ocean. A liberation slowly overcame our preconceptions.

    Brando refused at first by staying put on his knees, scared to rise to his feat and despite the exhilaration I felt I hid my emotions with a scowl.
  • Yet as we made it back up the beach the joy overcame all our previous fears and the day was complete.
  • Don’t be a lemming and follow others by jumping of the cliff. Live life to the fullest and taste every dish it has to offer.

    Special thanks to the 9ft Quiksilver Performer and his little brother the New Wave at 8.6 ft tall.

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