The Journey - Part 3 | Euroglass

At one time everyone will have a path to follow and you will need to make the right turn to reach your objective. In our surfing universe of 2017 Leonardo Fioravanti will take his own path. He will follow the World Surf League as it circumnavigates the globe in search of magical waves. Join Leonardo on this historical adventure as the young Italian prodigy finds his place amongst the most talented surfers on the planet.

  • Fiji time brought the Euroglass boys some other reasons to smile apart from travelling together. No matter how many times we heard Leo online explaining losing early was part of the game and a great learning experience we knew it felt different deeper down. When you are programmed to win and accustomed to victory, defeat can taste like lemons.
  • The pacific ocean and power surfing seem to be a marriage made in heavenly bodies and on rail surfing is what this young Italian loves to do. Painting Fijian walls with rail carving Picasso style on his beloved CB1’s.
  • And when it came the victory was so sweet that the magic moment between Leo and Belly made many a heart melt back home and online.
  • In the quite moments of the afternoon with Island fever setting in the white ball of ping pong beckoned. KS is renowned for a deadly competitive streak whether it be surfing or the pong but did he know Belly once played 20 games straight against Phil Grace.

    Mark Phipps , Phil Grace and Belly set records in the 90’s in the original Euroglass factory for table tennis torment. If your board wasn’t ready it was because they couldn’t put the bats down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leonardo has found a happy place in the line up of Cloudbreak during the Outerknown Fiji Pro. Riding a quiver of Bradley CB1’s that are tailor made for powerful bottom turns he has unlimited drive coming up into the lip. Fiji provided Leonardo with his first WCT heat win of the year against a formidable opponent in Ace Buchan. It was a hard scrappy affair with both riders posting an excellent ride. Leonardo never gave up and gritted his teeth and in the end came home with a victory. Now waiting for his round three heat against John John it’s a win win scenario for Leonardo. Taking on the world champ in Fiji the whole world will be watching. Go Leo!
  • Down time direction Fiji on the journey pour Mr. Fioravanti whilst he licks his wounds following a few painstakingly close defeats.
  • If Leonardo wants to taste the sweetest perfume of the comeback victory he must familiarize himself with the event sites around the globe and Cloudbreak isn’t a hard decision.
  • When we strip back our existence to the bare essentials we have H2O, fresh fish with coconut cream and don’t forget your beloved craft.
  • And while Fiji was a soulful sojourn that replenished the batteries home sweet home and the beachbreaks of France is where LF is finding some electricity.

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