GOTTA GET AWAY | Euroglass

Europe in winter time can obviously have its magic moments. Beautiful cold waves, not so many tourists and the red wine is easier to drink when it’s cold. But hey who are we kidding when we see this hell forecast! It’s horizontal rain and biting cold wind that kicks you in the stomach and breaks your spirit. There aren’t many solutions to get the smile back on your face but one of them is to GET AWAY!

  • Tropical beaches and palms trees are not just post cards. Find a location and get a plane ticket.
  • You are young and have no strings so don’t stay attached. If you are attached then start begging your partner tonight!
  • Find the money, sell your mother’s car while she isn’t looking and wake up far away.
  • Light hot wind is drying the salt on your back and falling asleep with no sheets is unforgettable.

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