DEMO DAYS 2017 | Euroglass

Did you ever dream of surfing that magical board that you weren’t ready to fork out your hard earned money for ?  

The one that caught your eye in the window. The next day you saw a girl at the beach and she was surfing exactly how you imagined you could.  

It’s a big decision getting a new board, so many choices and so many variables in play. 

Well DREAM no longer as we are launching the Demo Days at all our favorite Southern France Quiksilver shops.  

Don’t let another year go by where you dream of that board, surf that baby.


    Quiksilver Hossegor : 7th-17th August

    Rainbow Anglet : 18th-28th August

    Boardriders 162 : 28th Aug - 11th Sept

    Boardriders Capbreton : 12th Sept - 1st Oct

    Quiksilver Pro France (Place des Landais) : 7th-18th Oct


    LC6 Chocolatine 5'8 Wide 28.5L
    LC6 Chocolatine 6'0 Wide 34.3L
    LC6 Gladiator 5'7 large 24.9L
    LC6 Gladiator 6'0 Small 29.7L
    Mosselman 5'10 32.3L
    Thunderbolt 5'7 29.1L
    Roman 5'10 25.7L
    Yoyo 5'10 31.83L
    Yo 6'1 30.63L
    One Bad Egg 7'1 47.59L
    Little Boy 5'11 30.5L
    Big Boy 7'0 47.74L
    Single Fin 6'2 30.44L
    Demibu 6'8 43.12L